ISLAMABAD: As Maryam Nawaz was elected as first-ever female chief minister Punjab, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Monday said that all democratic and constitutional norms were trampled underfoot to select a “fake” chief minister for Punjab.

In a scathing attack on rival Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) for preventing the PTI candidate for chief minister-ship and its MPAs, PTI spokesman Raoof Hasan said that Punjab police imposed a curfew outside Punjab assembly which was in no way justified.

He dubbed the PML-N lawmakers as “fraudsters”, saying those who voted to impose the daughter of the certified and court-convicted criminal as a fake chief minister of the country’s largest province, had not been elected as they were selected through poll manipulation.

He regretted that the Sharifs of Raiwind who had a track record of plundering the national wealth for the last several years quite ruthlessly, have once again been given the reins in Punjab to start the spree of loot and plunder of national wealth.

He lambasted the Punjab police for imposing a curfew outside the Punjab Assembly to prevent PTI’s nominee for the CM-ship and the elected members from participating in the session and termed it shameful and unconstitutional.

He underscored that after stealing the people’s mandate, the sanctity of the house was violated to bring the defeated woman into power.

He went on to say that the nominee for Punjab CM-ship had no political standing except being the daughter of a “certified and court convicted criminal”.

He continued that Maryam Nawaz, who could not even secure her own seat despite all the state tyranny and rigging, should be ashamed of becoming the chief minister against the will of the people.

Hasan noted that the public welfare could not become the topmost priority of the criminal convicted in billions of rupees of corruption cases, but she can further increase the wealth of Sharif family through loot and plunder of the national kitty.

He made it clear that the people of Punjab would not tolerate an insult to their mandate come what may.

The PTI warned that the edifice of the unconstitutional government set up after the poll fraud would not be sustainable and it would collapse under its own weight anytime soon.

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Pakistani1 Feb 27, 2024 01:01pm
Lets hope Maryam will be a better CM than Buzdar. Time for all political parties to get together and work for improvement of Pakistan citizens.
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