TEHRAN: Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said on Tuesday it has launched long-range ballistic missiles from a warship for the first time.

The launch from the Shahid Mahdavi during naval manoeuvres involved firing two ballistic missiles capable of striking targets up to 1,700 kilometres (1,050 miles) away.

“The IRGC for the first time has fired ballistic missiles in the Gulf of Oman,” state television reported.

“The firing of a long-range ballistic missile from the warship was successfully carried out,” IRGC chief Hossein Salami said.

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Separately, in central Iran, the IRGC simulated a surface-to-surface ballistic missile attack on Israel’s Palmachim airbase south of Tel Aviv, state television reported.

It said Palmachim was the “main base for F-35 fighter jets” in Israel.

The Iranian military exercises come at a time of soaring regional tensions since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7.

The Islamic republic does not recognise Israel and has long fought a shadow war of killings and sabotage against it.

Tehran has made support for the Palestinian cause a centrepiece of its foreign policy since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Western governments have repeatedly voiced concerns over Iran’s missile programme.


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