ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has written a letter to the chief election commissioner of Pakistan and expressed serious concern over the resemblance of some election symbols to its symbol ‘arrow’, saying that it could confuse ordinary voters and PPP’s votes could be stamped on these symbols if these were allotted to other candidates.

According to the letter written by in-charge Central Election Cell of PPP, “We have the honour to invite your kind attention towards the fact that there are some election symbols in the list of approved ECP election symbols which bear close resemblance with the Election symbol (Arrow) of our Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians. A list of such symbols is given hereunder; (1) Pencil, (2) Ball point pen, (3) Pen, (4) Screwdriver and (5) Toothbrush.”

The letter further said, “This resemblance can confuse ordinary voters and there is a danger that our votes can be stamped on these symbols if these were allotted to other candidates.”

“We would also bring to your notice that in by-elections 2018 Jehangir Treen’s prayed in the High Court that the election symbol of PML-N candidate (Batsman) who was contesting against him should be removed since Tareen’s symbol (Bat) had a resemblance with the symbol of his opponent, was upheld by the Honourable High Court.”

The letter further described as, “Your honour will appreciate that the resemblance of the symbols mentioned by us with our election symbol (Arrow) is much closer to that which was upheld by the Honourable High Court in Tareen’s case.”

“Your honour may be pleased to notify that the five symbols mentioned above by us should be dropped from the list of approved election symbols.”

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