First artificial rain induced in Lahore to combat smog

  • CM Mohsin Naqvi praises UAE's assistance in planning this extraordinary project
Published December 16, 2023

The first artificial rain experiment took place in Lahore on Saturday to combat smog, Aaj News reported.

Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab Mohsin Naqvi announced at a press conference that an artificial rain experiment had been successfully conducted in Lahore.

CM Naqvi explained that the UAE assisted in the orchestration of this unprecedented endeavor.

Naqvi described the process in detail, stating that 48 flares were let off for cloud seeding, with a focus on the Shahdara surroundings, and that rainfall was artificially induced throughout eleven Lahore areas.

Even as CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi celebrated the first-ever artificial rain experiment in Lahore's success, he emphasized the careful planning that went into the project.

He thanked the Environment Department and the UAE team for their thorough review of the procedure, which produced the much-anticipated outcomes.

He noted that not a single rupee from Punjab's budget had gone into this ground-breaking accomplishment, and he gave the UAE government credit for helping to bring the artificial rain project to fruition.


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