KARACHI: The inability of the Muslim countries to save the citizens of Gaza from genocide at the hands of occupying army of Israel has underscored the need of forming a ‘Muslim Union’ on the pattern of the European Union (EU), said Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor here Sunday.

He said political disunity amongst the Muslim countries has allowed Israel to continue its war crimes in Gaza with impunity. He said the role of the Arab nations to get stopped the genocide in Gaza is more shameful, while all

other major Muslim countries have also just paid a lip service.

He said the killings of innocent children and women in Gaza by Israeli bombardment on civilian population, even on schools, hospitals and ambulance vans show that despite the Western sermons about human rights we live in world where might is right.

He said the United Nations has proved to be an instrument of the Western countries which is blind to the human rights violations against the Muslim populations. He said we have seen this in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq and now in Gaza. He said the killers of the Muslim populations have got the silent backing of the Western countries and the United Nations, which takes care of their interests.

He said Iraq was attacked over false information about so-called weapons of mass destruction, but the United Nations and the Western nations are blind to the mass destruction of Gaza at the hands of anti-human Israel.

Altaf Shakoor said the Muslim world is facing a crisis of leadership. There is not a single courageous Muslim leader that can realise the gravity of situation and get united the Ummah at this crucial juncture of history.

He said the OIC is a paper tiger, having no power to defend the Muslim people.

He said a broad based political and military alliance between all the Muslim countries is a must to save their women and children from mass killings and genocide. He said political and military alliances are common in the world and the EU and NATO are a few examples. The Muslim nations could also establish such political and military alliances easily.

He said the Gaza genocide has exposed not only the Western countries and Arab kings, but also the rulers of big Muslim countries like Pakistan, Iran and Turkey, who are playing the role of the silent spectator over the killing of Gaza civilians including women and children.

He said this situation would surely result in political unrest in the Muslim countries, particularly the Arab nations. He said it demands that the people of the Muslim world should think about making their own block on the pattern of the European Union (EU).

He said a strong political and military alliance of all Muslim countries is a must to safeguard their interests, saving their people from aggressions and genocide and getting resolved the issues like Kashmir and Palestine. He said that the social media in the Muslim countries could play a huge role in this regard to promote unity in the Ummah.

He urged China and Russia to play a more assertive role in getting stopped the genocide of civilians in Gaza and ensure a corridor of aid for relief of Gaza people including immediate supply of fuel, water, food and medicine. He said teams of rescuers, doctors and social workers should be rushed to Gaza.

He said thousands of the slain people including women and children are buried in the rubble of the civilian buildings destroyed by the occupying army of Israel and it needs an urgent attention of all the peace loving people of the world.

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Parvez Nov 06, 2023 04:58pm
This is feel good talk.....if action had to be taken, it would have been taken by now.
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