ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Religious Affairs Minister Aneeq Ahmed has lambasted the leaders of the Muslim countries for not reaching out to the people of Palestine for support against the backdrop of ongoing atrocities of Israel in Gaza.

“Not a single leader from the Muslim countries visited Palestine to offer their support— on the other hand, the heads of the countries like the United States and the United Kingdom openly visited Israel and offered their complete support to that state,” the caretaker minister said, speaking at a conference here on Sunday.

He also took on the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) for its “passive posturing” on the issue. “It’s high time the OIC shun this passive posturing— the OIC is looking at the world against Israel’s atrocities on Palestine— Isn’t the OIC part of the world? The OIC better do something concrete to stop endless bloodshed in Palestine instead of relying on cosmetic resolutions that stand far from materialisation,” he said.

“Where have our pride and dignity gone? Israel continues to spill the blood of the innocent Palestinians. The big global powers and standing with Israel today.

And the result is: more than 4,000 of our brothers and sisters in Palestine have embraced martyrdom, so far— what have we done to stop that? European Union is offering support to Gaza victims, where is the Muslim world?” he deplored.

“The Palestinians are collecting the bodies of their children in pieces— what could be worse than that,” the caretaker minister lamented.

Referring to the recent visit of the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Israel, Ahmed said, “When the American foreign minister landed in Israel, he said that he was there as a Jew – and extended his full support to Israel. Is there anyone who can give a befitting reply to the American foreign minister?”

He said seven hospitals have closed down in Gaza and there is dire urgency for humanitarian support as existing stocks are getting exhausted. The caretaker minister demanded of the Muslim states to stop giving airspace to Israel’s flights and end diplomatic ties with it.

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