LAHORE: TB is a multi factorial disease whose germs can spread in the air by coughing, sneezing and spitting and infect other people. Due to the long treatment of tuberculosis, a large number of patients leave the treatment incomplete when the symptoms improve resulting the disease becomes stronger after a few days.

This was revealed by the health professionals at a symposium organized by Department of Pediatrics, Lahore General Hospital on TB in children.

In the symposium, experts including Prof. Muhammad Shahid, Prof. Faheem Afzal, Principal Gujranwala Medical College Prof. Iqbal Hassan, WHO Punjab Representative Dr. Muhammad Amir Safdar, Additional Director of Punjab TB Control Program Dr. Ghulam Fareed, Prof. Muhammad Ashraf Sultan, Prof. Muhammad Asghar Butt, Dr. Shafia Habib, Prof. Ijaz A. Khan from Shafa International Hospital Islamabad, Prof. Tipu Sultan, Prof. Uzma Kazmi, Prof. Sumeera Farman, Dr. Altaf Ahmed, Dr. Seemi Nizamuddin, Dr. Muzammal Azam threw light on various aspects of TB disease in children.

Post Graduate Medical Institute & Ameer Uddin Medical College Principal Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Fareed Zafar said on the occasion that children are future of any nation and strong and healthy children are the basic foundation of the country.

He further said that Tuberculosis is a curable disease, however, millions of children around the world die annually due to this disease in which the main reason is the delay in the diagnosis and negligence in treatment. He clarified that those living in backward vicinities, their children are an easy target for Tuberculosis.

Prof. Al-Fareed Zafar said that if the child looks lazy, not interested in playing, eating and drinking and starts losing weight, then the parents should immediately consult a qualified physician so that a medical examination can be undertaken and if the child has any problem then do not let the disease get worsen.

He said that a patient suffering from TB needs good food, a clean environment and the health professionals treating such patient must also take precautionary measures to avoid this multiple diseases for which the use of mask is also very important.

Addressing the symposium, medical experts said that the treatment of drug resistant TB costs a lot of money and the patient has to go through severe pain as well.

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