LAHORE: Punjab’s caretaker Health Minister, Dr Javed Akram, has firmly rejected the termination of cardiology facilities on the health card, ensuring uninterrupted access to these services for patients.

This announcement comes in response to the recent suspension of heart ailment treatment on the health card at private hospitals by the Punjab government.

Media reports had highlighted that an insurance company associated with the health card scheme issued a notification stating the cessation of all treatment provisions at private hospitals across the province.

According to the notification, heart patients would no longer be eligible for any form of treatment covered by the health card at private healthcare facilities.

Contrary to this decision, the Punjab caretaker government, under the leadership of Dr. Javed Akram, has taken a different stance. Refusing to halt treatment through the health card, the government is determined to ensure that cardiology facilities continue to be accessible to the public.

Dr Javed Akram emphasized that the government is in the process of negotiating a new contract with the Punjab State Life Insurance Company, with the goal of making further improvements to provide enhanced facilities to the public through the health card system.

The government remains committed to delivering the benefits of the health card to the original beneficiaries without closing or limiting access to cardiology services.

As the negotiations progress and improvements are made, the government remains focused on delivering effective and efficient healthcare solutions to the people of Punjab, he added.


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