Pakistan Print 2023-07-02

Low-income people: Governor announces issuance of health cards

  • Mohammed Kamran Khan Tessori innocuous people who had Rs30000 to Rs40000 income would be issued health cards after Eidul Adha
Published July 2, 2023

KARACHI: The Sindh Governor Mohammed Kamran Khan Tessori on Saturday announced the issuance of free-of-cost health cards to people with low income.

He said that the people would be provided with health insurance up to Rs0.5 million. He said that the people, who had Rs30000 to Rs40000 income, would be issued health cards after Eidul Adha.

The Governor said that these health cards would be issued in cooperation with philanthropists He said that the people would be able to receive treatment in good hospitals through these health cards.


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Azeem Hakro Jul 02, 2023 08:37am
I am happy to hear about the Sindh Governor's announcement of free-of-cost health cards for people with low income. This is a great initiative that will help to improve the health of many people in Sindh. The health insurance that will be provided through these cards is up to Rs0.5 million, which is a significant amount. This will allow people to receive treatment for a wide range of illnesses, including serious ones. I am confident that these health cards will make a real difference in the lives of many people.
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Rebirth Jul 02, 2023 04:21pm
It would be much better to use these funds to build a hospital or improve an existing one that is already run by the federal or provincial government. We already have free public healthcare in Pakistan. With these health cards, people will simply be directed to private hospitals. Such hospitals mostly get the results of their medical tests, including blood tests from public hospitals, keeping all the fees that people pay as profit. These funds should be allocated towards hospitals that are already free and have horrible facilities. Hospitals like Civil Hospital, Abbasi Shaheed, JPMC. Alternatively, a general hospital can be built in Thatta with these funds. Medical graduates domiciled in Karachi should be allowed to practice there. In fact, the government should get Sindhi doctors practicing in Karachi to go there instead. The Sindhis suffered far more than the people of Karachi because of the quota system. They couldn’t receive good healthcare from genuine Karachi medical graduates.
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