The government on Tuesday announced public holidays on account of Eid ul Adha, which falls on June 29th (Thursday).

In a statement released by the Cabinet Division, it was confirmed that offices operating on a six-day workweek will be granted a break from June 29th to July 1st.

“[…] it is for general information that the Prime Minister is pleased to approve the public holidays on the occasion of Eid ul Adha as follows:

  1. June 29th and 30th, 2023 (Thursday and Friday) for offices adhering to a five-day workweek.

  2. June 29th to July 1st, 2023 (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) for offices observing a six-day workweek.“

Earlier, the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee confirmed the sighting of the Zil Hajj moon in Pakistan, adding that Eid ul Adha will be celebrated nationwide on June 29th (Thursday).

Under the chairmanship of Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad, the moon sighting committee convened and received testimonies of moon sightings from various cities, including Karachi, Lahore, and others.

Representatives from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, SUPARCO, Department of Meteorology, and Ministry of Science and Technology were also present at the meeting, ensuring a collaborative decision-making process.

Furthermore, the decision took into account the valuable input from zonal committees of Ruet-e-Hilal, which had conducted meetings in their respective cities.


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Kashif ALI Jun 20, 2023 10:54pm
Thank God, at least there will be one more working day next week.
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Maqbool Jun 21, 2023 10:33am
About time the government woke up to the effect of closing everything so they can disappear from Islamabad back to their pind
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Maqbool Jun 21, 2023 11:38am
All government holidays notices should say NO IN LIEU HOLIDAYS
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