Actor Mehwish Hayat wants Apple Music to stop classifying 'Coke Studio' music as Indian Pop, and expressed that the genre be recognised as Pakistani music.

The actor took to Twitter to share screenshots of the album Coke Studio and its classification on the platform. Some songs by Pakistani musician Atif Aslam have been classified as 'Indian Pop' while Coke Studio music is listed as 'Worldwide' and 'Asia'.

"Just noticed iTunes/Apple music - music portal classifies our Coke Studio Pakistan as “Indian Pop”. Other episodes are ‘Worldwide’ or ‘Asia’- anything but ‘Pakistani’. Come on @AppleMusic give us this one at least! Coke Studio is a Pakistani success & we deserve to be recognised."

A quick perusal of the platform did in fact produce the same results.

Netizens weighed in, acknowledging the need for the change and that Apple should take note.

Some were not in favour, citing that classifying it as Indian is more conducive.

Another decided to serve Hayat a reality check and divert her attention to more pressing matters at hand.


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