TEXT: Around 70% of teachers in Pakistan’s lower secondary education are female. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Pakistan needs to increase the growth rate of primary school teachers by 50% to achieve the goal of universal primary education by 2030.

Female teachers are the backbone of any society, as they play a pivotal role in shaping the future of individuals and nations. Their impact is not limited to imparting knowledge, but their nurturing nature also helps them instill values, ethics, and character building. They are invaluable assets to any society, and their importance cannot be overstated.

On International Women’s Day, EBM released a film paying tribute to women teachers and their contribution to building a better future for the nation. The film highlights how female teachers take care of their students as if they were their children. Without these women providing education and belief in themselves, they would not be at the forefront of progress today.

EBM is committed to nourishing lives, hearts, and communities through social development initiatives, including advancing educational standards, providing inclusive nourishment, enabling livelihoods, and protecting the environment. The company has taken various initiatives to improve the educational infrastructure of Pakistan and enable access to education for girls in rural areas. EBM set up two school campuses named after Rashda Khawar Butt in Alamabad, Swabi, in collaboration with the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and the Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization project (RMWO). These two campuses cater to students from pre-primary to secondary levels. In addition, EBM supports the Green Crescent Trust's network of schools in both Karachi and rural Sindh, with over 150+ remote locations, and approximately 29,000 students. Additionally, EBM contributes to the adoption of The Citizen Foundation (TCF) schools and the Adult Literacy Programme, referred to as TCF Agahi, which aims to impart basic literacy and numeracy skills to family members of TCF students, particularly mothers.

The impact of educating a girl child is well-documented and proven through various studies across the globe. Educated girls make better homemakers, mothers, and contributors to the prosperity of every society. The vision for a better tomorrow can only become a reality if we send our girls to school, give them equal opportunities, and create safe and healthy educational environments. The teachers of tomorrow are the young girls of today. To continue the journey of enlightenment, the first step is to educate girls, give them equal opportunities, and create safe and healthy educational environments. EBM will remain resolute in its mission of educating the girl child across Pakistan.

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