ISLAMABAD: The heavily-guarded capital city witnessed an increase in mobile phone snatching and motor vehicle thefts during last week, as armed persons snatched 24 mobile phones and car thieves stole or snatched 47 vehicles.

According to data gathered by Business Recorder residential robberies, purse snatching, and automobile theft became the most common crime in the city as during last week robbers struck at 13 different places.

The auto thieves’ gangs remained active in the city during the last week as they stole or snatched 37 bikes and 10 vehicles from the various jurisdictions of the city.

During the last week, auto thieves stole 37 bikes bearing registration numbers: ALJ-9470 of Azhar, BHP-064 of Muhammad Haroon, bike of Bilal Ahmed, RIO-1808 of Muhammd Usman, MT-541 of Haider Farooq, “applied for” of Bilal Ahmed, BQN-279 of Shoukat, a bike of Wajahat Ali, RIL-5286 of Muhammad Zeeshan, JE-1740 of Adnan, a bike of Naseem, BXM-68 of Asad Ali, RIM-1119 of Umair, AAZ-9897 of Zarar Waseem, DR-568 of Jameel Bashah, SGN-1400 of Adnan, a bike of Naseemul Ghani, a bike BYQ-739 of Haider Ali, ABQ-719 of Tahir Mehmood, and NL-9029 of Liaqat Hussain.

Carjackers also stole bikes bearing registration numbers: AFQ-063 of Muhammad Ahsan, ABR-7744 of Muhammad Yousaf, BYQ739 of Haider Ali, BBM-316 of Ashtiaq, BWP-765 of Hassan Jamil, RIL-6092 of Imran Khan, ANN-4156 of Mubashir Rafiqu, RNL-5071 of Muhammad Anus, a bike AMU-295 of Ahmed Mukhtar, AMU-2957 of Ahmed Mukhtar, a bike of Muhammad Hashir, a bike RIL-2963 of Abdu Salaam, RNR-2542 of Saad Khalid, AQL-286 of Ali Amin, and a bike BWP-765 of Hassan Jameel.

The 10 cars stolen by the auto thieves bore registration numbers: LZY-7690 of Muhammad Shahbir, LWD-2997 of Jan Muhammad, a car of Nisar Ahmed Khan, a car U-2365 of Nisar Ahmed Khan, LEA-7170 of Rana Muhammad, a vehicle AL-835 of Dokh Abbasi, ZB-296 of Abdullah, AUE-058 of Muhammad Ayub, car GTS-1238 of Mohsin Ali, a vehicle AIY-790 of Muhammad Abbas, and a car MLM-7586 of Afnan Asif.

Criminal gangs were most active within the limits of Koral, Karachi Company, and the Industrial Area police station.

During the last week, Koral police station registered six cases of mobile snatching and two cases of car theft and robbery. Unidentified persons snatched mobile phones from Bilal Ahmed, Irfan, Dr Riaz, Junaid Tariq, and Gulzar. Armed robbers stole gold ornament from Murtaz Saleem.

Similarly, Karachi Company police station registered seven cases of auto theft and one case of mobile snatching. Unidentified persons stole cash and gold ornament from Allah Dad Khan.

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Abrar Ahmed Jan 01, 2023 11:58am
Kick out Afghans from Rwp & Isbd, control fliw of narcos and things will be OK
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Shahid Akhtar Jan 02, 2023 10:01pm
Very true Afghanis r mostly involved in such activities in disguise of local pathans.
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