ISLAMABAD: Walee Technologies (WALEE), one of the country's leading Influencer Marketing and Social Commerce SaaS platform, launched what it calls Pakistan's first data-driven Influencer Industry Insights Report for 2021-2022 using its AI-powered social listening tool to help brands and agencies deliver better return on ad spend (ROAS) for creator campaigns.

According to a statement, the report analyses more than 7 million data points, from tens of thousands of Instagram posts and covers 500+ million video views, to generate top performers by influencers, gender, engagement, content, campaigns and more.**

The report shows that Sapphire, Pakistan’s leading fashion brand, has the highest average engagement rate (AER) of 52.6%, for major campaigns, defined as having at least ten associated influencers.

From a gender perspective, the performance of these campaigns showed the AER was better by the Top 10 male influencers – with an AER of 32% to 178% – compared with their female counterparts of 25% to 111%. To provide additional value from a broad context, the report also cites a range of marketers including agencies, Ogilvy, Digitz Digitas, Starcom, and tech firms bSecure, providing additional analysis to the data.

Muhammad Ahsan Tahir, CEO Walee Technologies. said, “We are rapidly advancing Walee’s intelligence suite, helping brands replace personal preferences and biases, to decision-making based on data, and results for both creators and brands.

“This report follows on from Walee’s individual influencer reports for search and selection activities to optimise the right influencer mix by understanding demographic and success metrics - from audiences, engagement, content, campaigns and creatives. Our Walee IQS, or Influencer Quality Score, further helps with ranking and shortlisting of influencers.”

The company said that Walee’s Insights report is a representative benchmark, given that Urdu and Roman Urdu content was analysed, thereby offering immense value, accuracy and context to planning and execution teams —whether for awareness campaigns, brand ambassador programs or learning best-practices for Pakistan's creator market.

About Walee’s Influencer Industry Insights Report

The study analyses more than 7 million data points over 12 months of Instagram data from June 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022 and over 1,000 Instagram campaigns and brands for the same period. The 1,000+ influencers selected ranged from nano-to social celebrities and had cumulative followers of 500+ million. The report structures insights on Top 10 Performer lists on a wide range of dimensions including brands, industries, campaigns, content type, influencers, gender-context and much more.

The report can be downloaded from this link. More information on WALEE is available here.

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