ISLAMABAD: A total of 191 artificial intelligence enabled cameras equipped with advanced technology have been installed at the entry and exit points of Islamabad.

Following the directions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad, the Islamabad capital police are in the process of installing modern cameras equipped with Artificial Intelligence to make security and surveillance more effective in the federal capital.

Police spokesman said that Safe City Islamabad is performing the surveillance and monitoring duties in a fully operational and effective manner and playing an important role in the elimination of criminal elements in the federal capital Islamabad.

Due to these cameras, a taxi driver involved in sexual harassment was also arrested as a woman registered a complaint of sexual harassment on the helpline of Islamabad Capital Police “Pukar-15”. Upon receiving the complaint, the Safe City Islamabad staff took immediate action and traced the vehicle and shared the information with the concerned police officials. The accused was arrested and a case was registered against him in Secretariat Police Station.

Capital Police Officer (CPO) Safe City said that Islamabad Capital Police is utilizing all resources to strengthen the security of the federal capital, adding that the Eagle Squads have been closed from the police stations and centralized in safe city by connecting it with “Pukar-15”.

An integrated police unified communication and response system has been launched, under which Eagle squads quickly respond to the calls.Keeping in view the convenience of the citizens, the missing report of any valuable item is registered through online system and people are informed to collect it from relevant police station after being traced.


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