LAHORE: New state-of-the-art radiation machine Halcyon, the most advanced radiation machine has been made functional for the modern treatment of cancer patients in Inmol Hospital.

The machine costing Rs 400 million is the most advanced radiation machine in the public sector in Lahore, after which the patient’s treatment will be completed in just five minutes. In the past, it was quite difficult to place a patient by CT Scanning each patient, but this machine has the facility of IGRT and this machine will verify the patient’s marks daily by CT Scanning and then complete the treatment in minutes. The whole process will be completed in just five minutes. Due to such advanced treatment methods, the treatment of various tumors will improve significantly for patients.

Director Inmol, Dr Abubakar Shahid said that Inmol Hospital is the largest cancer hospital among the 19 cancer hospitals of Pakistan Atomic Energy. These PAEC hospitals bear 80-percent work load of all Pakistan cancer patients.

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