LAHORE: The Regional Tax Office (RTO) Lahore has surpassed revenue target for the month of October 2022 as well as the target up to October 2022.

As per details, the target for the month of October 2022 was Rs21.1 billion while the RTO collected Rs22.1 billion against a collection of Rs16.1 billion for October 2021, resulting into an absolute increase of Rs6.1 billion, or 38%.

Meanwhile, the cumulative target up to October 2022 was Rs73.9 billion against Rs81.9 billion up to October 2022, leading to an increase of Rs8 billion, or 111%. So far as the collection up to October 2021 was concerned, it was Rs58.3 billion, showing a growth of41% vis-a-vis October 2021.

According to the RTO, the Point of Sale (POS) integration in July 2022 was 43, and it triggered to 60 in August, 87 in September, and 106 in October 2022.

According to the sources, the RTO Lahore is the only field formation in country to achieve 100+ integrations in October 2022.

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