ISLAMABAD: Pakistani telecom company, Ufone 4G has been recognised as the superior 4G services provider in Pakistan by Opensignal, a leading global analytics company specializing in quantifying the users’ mobile network experience. Ufone 4G outdid other operators in several indicators of the “Overall Experience” under the 4G subset as per the global analyst’s insight’s report “Pakistan Mobile Network Experience Report August 2022”, which also names the company as the most Consistent Quality Network in Pakistan.

The independent analytics come as an endorsement of Ufone 4G’s highest standards in 4G service delivery.

The company outdid competition with a significant margin in the most indicators of “Overall Experience” in the 4G subset. It stayed the outright winner in 4G Video Experience and joint winner in Overall Video Experience, which quantifies the quality of video streamed to mobile devices by measuring real-world video streams over an operator’s networks. The network also topped the 4G Download and Upload markers with significant margins against other players. It also emerged as the joint winner of 4G Voice App Experience.

As the most Consistent Quality Network, Ufone topped the “Excellent Consistent Quality” and “Core Consistent Quality” categories. As per Opensignal, Consistent Quality measure how often the experience of users on a network was sufficient to support the requirements of common applications by quantifying download and upload speeds, latency, jitter, packet loss, time to the first byte, and the percentage of tests attempted which did not succeed due to a connectivity issue on either the download or server response component.

Ufone 4G acquired 1800 Mhz spectrum in 2021 and it continues to expand its 4G services in Pakistan to provide an unrivaled telecom experience to its customers. The transformation went on to raise the bar in terms of service delivery and redefined quality connectivity through its world-class voice and data services. The measures helped Ufone 4G to pull off the fastest customer acquisition in the industry during 2022. Owing to the continued modernisation and up-gradation of its network, Ufone 4G went on to register as “Pakistan’s No 01 Voice and Data Network” on Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA)’s Mobile Networks Benchmark Report 2022.

Ufone 4G continues to invest and innovate in order to align its network with the highest global standards while it also focuses on expanding it to bring its services to increased users, especially across the far-flung and hitherto unconnected regions of the country. The company’s continued endeavor to deliver top-notch telecom services to its customers in order to improve their experience mirrors the centrality of customers in its business philosophy as is reflected in its cherished slogan: “Tum Hi To Ho!”

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