FAISALABAD: Under the direction of SSP Patrolling Police Faisalabad Region Mirza Anjum Kamal, the team of Mobile Education Unit of Patrolling Police conducted road safety shows on various highways of Faisalabad to improve traffic flow and safety during monsoon rains.

He said that avoid traveling unnecessarily in heavy rain and make it mandatory to use wipers on your vehicles while driving in rain, avoid speeding and going into deep water.

He also visited various banks and petrol pumps of Faisalabad. The education officers informed the citizens about road safety and traffic rules and accident prevention and said to respect the traffic rules, drive in your lane, keep proper distance between vehicles, don’t speed, seat belt and helmet must be sure to use, and don’t use mobile phone while driving.

He instructed the truck drivers to keep the back lights of the trucks in proper condition and make it mandatory to use bright stripes, drive the trucks in the extreme left lane, use double indicators, do not overtake unnecessarily, do not brake suddenly. Follow the traffic rules to save your life and others in the dark of night.

Citizens were told that in case of any emergency or accident call the patrolling police helpline 1124. Distributed information and awareness pamphlets about road safety and traffic rules among the citizens and drivers and pasted reflectors behind the slow speed vehicles.

SSP Patrolling Faisalabad Region conducted a surprise check of the patrolling post Makkuana and during the visit reviewed the situation of attendance, discipline, turnout, cleaning of weapons and post and crime and control situation. Irregularities were observed in the surprise checking on which he expressed his indignation and took departmental action against the absent employees from the shift and issued orders to transfer them out of district for one year. He reprimanded the post in charge and the Moharer and said that absenteeism and poor discipline would not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Employees who commit negligence will be severely punished and patrols will not be stopped. Giving instructions regarding the situation Law and orders, he said that shift in-charge and post in-charge would be responsible in Unpleasant case of any incident in the bat area of any patrolling post.

All employees at the post should be uniformed, armed and alert at all times. Make the security of the patrolling post foolproof and prompt response to 15 or 1124 calls. He said that the wireless operator should be present at the base and alert in any case. Keep the security on high alert, patrol officers and youths should be on high alert and keep a close watch on the black spots and mischievous elements in the beat area.

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