TEXT: With the introduction of various new technologies, telehealth is now challenging the way healthcare is delivered. It refers to the delivery of health-related services and information via electronic communication. While developed economies are much more advanced in implementing technology in health services, developing countries like Pakistan are eagerly trying to follow. Salaam Takaful Limited, keeping abreast with the technology, and consolidating and modernizing solutions within all sectors, brings another first in the industry, Salaam App.

Salaam App is a one-of-its-kind feature of Salaam Takaful Limited which can be availed with all the products of Salaam Takaful Limited. The app is designed specifically, keeping the needs of our customers in mind and allowing them to take greater control of their healthcare.

The multifunctional app provides an efficient healthcare delivery system enabling patients to view benefit information along with display of health card information, keep a track of their health, navigate nearby pharmacies and hospitals, avail amazing discounts through Vouch365 and last but definitely not the least, access the one-of-its kind, Salaam Virtual Clinic.

Focused on simplifying the tedious process of out-patient consultation, the new platform has certified physicians on board where patients can ask any question regarding their healthcare free of cost via audio and video calls. This initiative is in continuation with our vision to develop a sustainable health ecosystem. All the in-house qualified doctors are constantly busy in providing assistance to Salaam Takaful policyholders and their family members, providing them with diagnosis, prescriptions and guidance in their time of need.

There have been many examples of utmost convenience, speedy solution and at times life saving instances due to which Salaam app and Salaam Virtual Clinic are now quite famous amongst the company’s policyholders.

The digital medical platform by the first Shariah Compliant Insurtech is expected to create a quantum leap in Pakistan’s healthcare, offering potential patients a number of unique services and giving them access to doctors from anywhere anytime.

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