FAISALABAD: Special Representative of the Prime Minister for Interfaith Harmony and Middle East and Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council and Muttahida Ulema Board Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi said that the world has come to know that insulting any religion is not freedom of expression.

He said that it was as clear as day that arrogance in the name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) hurt the feelings of Muslims. Holy Prophet (PBUH) is dearer to Muslims than their lives and property.

In his address to the Ulema and Mashaikh Convention in Faisalabad, he said that the whole world is in unison on the honour of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) while in the current context, the bold statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin is a pleasant breeze.

The Russian President is also endorsing our Prime Minister Imran Khan’s position on the Holy Prophet. He said that it was the responsibility of the Ulema to bring out the true picture of religion so that future incidents like Sialkot could not be repeated.

There is no place for such incidents in Islam. It is against the Shariah to burn someone’s property and the atmosphere of fear that is prevailing after the Sialkot tragedy, it is the duty of the Ulema to do their part to remove it.

He said that intolerance was on the rise in the society which needed time to change but it was the duty of not only the Ulema but also the political parties and other sections of the society to take action in this regard. Play your positive role.

He said that today the world community has also realized that insulting one’s religion is not the right thing to do so today voices are being raised from all over the world for international law, but our country already has law, therefore People should think that if someone insults, he will face the law, so no one should take the law into their own hands.

He said that an extraordinary meeting of OIC foreign ministers held in Islamabad last week was attended by foreign ministers of Islamic countries from around the world, in which great progress has been made on the Afghan issue and Saudi Arabia in this regard major aid has been announced, while the rest of the Islamic countries have also assured their full cooperation in this regard.

“The whole world is recognizing our position on the issue of Afghanistan,” he said.

Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi said that what is said in night TV talk shows is regrettable. He said that our media should not only publish Imran’s position but also go ahead and spread Islamic teachings. So that according to the vision of Imran Khan, the dream of a welfare state in the style of the state of Madinah could be embarrassingly realized.

People who call themselves champions of democracy have the most undemocratic attitude.

He said that every politician has used the slogan of religion in the name of politics and religious parties have been in power at the center and in the provinces. When these parties lose in the political arena, they refuse to accept the results If they succeed for any reason, they will be considered a victory for the religious powers, so the use of religion in electoral politics should be discouraged.

He said that these are the people who say what happens with speeches and Imran Khan is ridiculed for talking about the state of Madinah which is a shameful act. Whenever Imran Khan talks about the honour of the holy Prophet (PBUH) and the religion of Islam, we will support him in every possible way.

He said that whatever Imran Khan does, the opposition parties start fabricating false and true stories to get his credit. But he wants to ask whether the OIC foreign ministers’ conference held in Islamabad last week was also convened during the opposition’s tenure, so if any good work is being done, the government should be given credit for it.

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