ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday launched a digital media development programme for the youth, saying that the information technology has opened gateway of immense opportunities for the youth.

Speaking after the launch of the programme, the premier said that the opportunities that are available to the youth today had never been available in history.

He stated that the information technology required a free and always thinking mind, and added that there are two kinds of people one who think about themselves, while the other who live for their country, so the youth should promote the ideology of the country as to why it was made.

The concept was that Pakistan would be made an exemplary Islamic state.

He said that he was happy that digital development was being launched for the youth, which is the future of the country.

The prime minister said that under universal health insurance, every family in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has got health insurance, a poor family can get treatment in any hospital for Rs10 lakh.

He said that merit and rule of law is important for the development and prosperity of the county but most important is to bring the powerful under the rule of law and there has been hue and cry for the last three years because the government was waging struggle to bring the powerful under the law.

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He said that the media has been enjoying more freedom under the present government than ever before.

The prime minister complained that the media was unfairly critical of the government and more than 70 percent programmes were broadcasted by the media against the government since it came to power.

The PM said that what could be the biggest slander than this that three major newspapers have carried a news on their front pages that the selection of the Azad Kashmir prime minister was made after looking at his horoscope (Zaicha Nikal Kar).

He said if the government was not involved in corruption and breaking of law then it would have an issue with free media and an independent judiciary.

He said none of his relatives was in big offices and the media has been enjoying more freedom under the present government than ever before.

The prime minister said that for the first time powerful people are being made answerable before the law.

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