KARACHI: NOWPDP held MoU signing ceremony with Bank of Punjab (BOP) to facilitate persons with disabilities, after the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) launched its policy on financial inclusion of persons with disabilities (PWDs). The SBP's Policy on financial inclusion of persons with disabilities makes it mandatory for banks to put in place a policy framework and strategy document to ensure inclusion of persons with disabilities.

The primary features revolve around the capacity building of banks through infrastructural accessibility, banking products/services accessibility, sensitization training of staff. Furthermore, there is clear emphasis on the capacity building of PWDs in the form of financial literacy through awareness sessions and career development opportunities via employment and internship drives.

The signing event was attended by both organizations' teams as well as the trainees and was made fully accessible with an interpreter for communication. At the signing, Zafar Masud, President & CEO Bank of Punjab said: "We are beyond delighted to work with NOWPDP to facilitate persons with disabilities get the financial independence they deserve. Don't think of this as a gift or favor from us. This is their right and we at BOP will do whatever we can to make financial inclusion of PWDs possible."

Amin Hashwani, President NOWPDP, also reiterated the need for inclusion and empathy in the Pakistani workforce. He said: "This is how a way towards mainstreaming and including PWDs can be paved - through such partnerships. I am ecstatic to be here and congratulate BOP for coming forward after the policy and truly taking the mantle of disability inclusion."

This initiative has been taken under the banner of NOWPDP's campaign called Bashamool Bankari (Inclusive Banking) where they want to build the capacity of banks and PWDs alike. Zafar Masud also said: "And, this isn't all. We at BOP intend to install an ATM machine at NOWPDP's facility for the ease of PWDs. Moreover, we want to support the placing of solar and RO plants in NOWPDP facilities across the country which would be maintained by PWDs employed there.-PR

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