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Pak Suzuki Bike Prices Rise up to Rs4K

  • Pak Suzuki increased prices for three of its bikes: Suzuki GS 150, GS 150SE and GR 150.
  • New prices will come into effect from the 1st of February, 2021.
Published February 3, 2021

After Atlas Honda, Pak Suzuki also increased its bikes prices by up to Rs. 4,000. The company announced that these new rates will come into effect from the 1st of February, 2021.

Pak Suzuki increased prices for three of its bikes, as reported by The price of Suzuki GS 150 and GS 150SE increased by Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 197,000 and Rs. 214,000, respectively.

Moreover, the price of Suzuki GR 150 witnessed a jump of Rs. 3,000. This bike will now cost Rs. 290,000, as compared to its old price of Rs. 287,000.

This is the second time that Pak Suzuki raised its prices in the span of less than six months. Previously, the company increased prices of four of its models by Rs.3,000 in November, 2020.

According to a notification by the company, these new prices are inclusive of ex-factory and freight charges. However, the company has indicated that they are subject to change without any notice.

Moreover, the company has also stated that applicable government tax will be charged from the customers.

While the company offers no explanation for these prices hikes, prices for many Pak Suzuki's cars have also been increased recently. In addition to this, other auto manufacturers in the country have also been increasing their bike and car prices recently.

Although, most automakers blamed these price hikes on the high price of US dollar, prices in the auto sector have continued to rise even when the price of dollar came down in the last few months.


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