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KARACHI: Thousands of protestors on Saturday took out a rally against the growing trend of vilification targeting companions of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH], which ullema led on M A Jinnah Road, vowing to fail the anti-religious forces to maintain peace.

The charged protestors were primarily protesting on the road, addressed by Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman, who called the sacrilegious speeches in religious congregations against the Sahaba [RA] of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] anti-nation elements to disrupt peace and stability in the country.

The march was titled 'Namoos-e-Risalat wo Azmat-e-Sahaba wo Ahle Bait,' started from Mazar-e-Quaid to Tibet Center, which was spearheaded by Mufti Muneeb called the anti-Sahaba speeches to hurt people's sentiments a 'bigger terrorism,' urging the president and prime minister to step up to stop the trend.

He also asked the Sindh government to punish the perpetrators of the sacrilegious speeches and rein in them in the larger interest of the society. He made it clear that the march was not aimed at targeting any of the religious sects but defending the respect of Sahaba, as the majority of this nation felt hurt on vilification against companions of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].

Mufti Muneeb warned that the trend to pushing the majority against the wall may unleash a back-clash in the society, saying that the sunni sect will always support peace and harmony to fail the anti-religious forces intending to disrupt peace. He appealed to the army chief and prime minister to take notice of the growing anti-Sahaba slurs and bring all the anti-society forces to justice.

He also warned the Sindh government to stop backing the anti-Sahaba elements, saying that if the provincial rulers continued their support to such elements will face no-vote in election from sunni sect. He also slammed the media for not giving coverage to the rally.

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