imagePakistan love for cricket is a bare fact, whether the team performs well or is fighting for a chance to directly make into the World Cup, the passion for the game never dwindles among the masses.

The passion is not just limited to playing cricket, but also improving it as well. After a group of students from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) created a product, which could potentially eliminate chuckling in cricket.

The product called CricFlex, consists of small motion sensors similar that are attached to a sleeve, which a bowler can wear. The wearable technology can measure the elbow flex in a bowling action in real time, meaning that it could used during a match play, report ESPN Cricinfo.

imageThe data is then sent to an app, either on a mobile phone or a computer, immediately after the bowler has delivered. The NUST team had also patented the technology in the US, which remains as a prototype, and requires further testing.

CricFlex's team leader informed than ICC bowling ban on Saeed Ajmal's was what motivated them to develop the sleeve. The team wants their product to be accessible at the grassroots level however, their ultimate goal is to implement Cricflex during live matches.

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