imageSmartphones are clearly a must have multi -purpose gadget of the modern life. With the endless list of tasks that it can perform, it might not be surprising to learn that our smart devices can help counter Zika.

Yes, the dreaded Zika virus which has raised alarm bells of the global community can be combated using one smartphone, all thanks to an IBM initiative the OpenZika project that is being led by the World Community Grid, which aims to create a platform that converts personal devices, computers, smartphones and tablets into a virtual supercomputer, which is capable of processing millions of data.

According to Canal Tech, when users download the World Community Grid app it authorize researchers to run calculations on their devices, i.e. running virtual experiments on compounds, which could become components in creating an antiviral drug to combat the mosquito-borne virus.

"When people hear about a crisis like this [the Zika], they want to do something about it," said Stanley LitowI, Vice President of corporate citizenship IBM. "Here is an opportunity for them to do something, and still remain connected," added Stanley.

TechCrunch reported, that the #OpenZika project allows researchers to run calculations on volunteers’ devices without disabling the owner use of their devices and, up till now, we have not received report of security breach of the owner’s data.

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