KARACHI: Speaking at a meeting of the Women Council of ECO CCI through a video link, the representative of the FPCCI, Nazli Abid, apprised the delegates of the challenges being faced by the SME sector and women entrepreneurs in Pakistan in the wake of COVID-19.

The meeting was attended by women entrepreneurs from all the national chambers of the ECO member countries.

She also informed the delegates about digital fashion show to be conducted by the FPCCI. The FPCCI representative also spoke about promotion of Halal products. Nazli Abid also told the ECO meeting about the incentives being given by the government of Pakistan. She also emphasized on the need for business digitalization.

Nazli Abid also highlighted the services being provided by the FPCCI to facilitate the business community in the current situation.

She said the economy of Pakistan could not afford lockdowns hence business activities were being carried out with proper SOPs set in place.

Representatives of the ECO Secretariat and the ECO Bank also attended the meeting which was chaired by Moghemi, chairperson of the Council from Iran, who inaugurated the meeting and emphasized in her welcome address the need for intensifying interactions amongst the women entrepreneurs of the ECO region. Shabana Asif, sub-convener and SVP of East Women Chamber, and Farah Sheikh and Rabia Sheikh, EC members, also attended the meeting.

All the representatives of ECO CCI member countries - Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan - pledged to continue their efforts for promotion of regional trade.


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