• Mehwish Hayat is being criticised by keyboard warriors over one of her recent dance videos.
  • Actress has been receiving ire for her dressing in the video.

Trolls can't seem to leave Mehwish Hayat in peace ever since she was awarded with Tamgha-e-Imtiaz few months back, as people have been finding one way or another to target the actress for not ‘deserving' the prestigious award.

This time around Mehwish has come under criticism of social media users over a video of her dance rehearsal or Hum Awards 2019. The actress shared a video on her social media accounts, in which Mehwish is rehearsing with co-star Ahsan Khan for the award show that was recently held in US, Houston.

Mehwish, in the video, is dressed in a pink top with matching yoga pants, which many social media users are terming as ‘vulgar' and ‘revealing'. While many have been blatantly criticise the actress for ‘immoral dressing'.