Disgruntled Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and ex-confidante of party chairman Imran Khan, Jahangir Khan Tareen officially launched the 'Istehkam-e-Pakistan' in Lahore on Thursday. The launch of the new political party was attended by several former members of the national and provincial assemblies who recently left Imran Khan's PTI following the May 9 incident.

A number of heavyweight politicians have backed the new party, which may make a real difference in the general election in the near future.

As he announced the party's launch, Tareen said he wanted to make a contribution to the country's development.

“During my long journey in politics, I got the opportunity to meet and work with several people. I learned a lot from this experience,” he said.

He said he joined the PTI because he was confident the party would "implement all the reforms that Pakistan needed and still needs”.

Tareen said they worked day and night to make the PTI a full-fledged political force. "People you see sitting here today, all of them were a part of this struggle,” he added.

“We infused the party with newfound passion and enthusiasm after the 2013 elections.”

Tareen said reforms were the PTI’s basic manifesto “due to which we all had come together”.

"Unfortunately, things didn't turn out the way we expected and people were disheartened."

The new platform will strive to bring reforms and serve the people, according to Tareen.

As per reports, several PTI deserters, including Murad Raas, Dr Firdaus Ashiq Awan, Fayyazul Hasan Chohan, Hashim Dogar, Ali Zaidi, Imran Ismael, Jay Prakash, Aamir Kiani, and others have confirmed their full support for Tareen's party.

Among other politicians who joined the new political party are Abdul Aleem Khan, Awn Chaudhry, and Nauman Langrial.

On Tuesday, three PTI’s “Hashim Dogar group” members, including Raja Yawar Kamal, Mamoon Tarar, and Rai Aslam, also joined Tareen’s political camp.

Earlier, Sajjad Bukhari, Tehseen Gardezi, and Jahanzeb Warn met Tareen and announced they were joining his party.


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Rizwan Jun 08, 2023 06:13pm
Istehkam-e-Pakistan bana lo ya Janaz-e- Pakistan bana lo. Ye mulk "business as usual" se aage nahi jasakta aur politicians will make sure of it. It gives me no joy to talk about my country in a pessimistic way.
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Sameer Jun 08, 2023 06:14pm
"Make a real difference in elections" Please.. All PTI who joined here have ZERO votes... Rest are lotas who are running like headless chickens since abandoning Khan. Another pathetic move
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Rizwan Jun 08, 2023 06:42pm
If you have a weighing scale, on one plate you put "economically fast growing Pakistan" and on another plate you put "business as usual Pakistan"... The business as usual Pakistan plate will always be heavier than the first one. And I am taking about this happening for decades to come. Possibly a generation or two maybe even more.
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KU Jun 08, 2023 07:21pm
Yet another tragic experiment in Pakistan and an attempt towards the status quo, even when everyone knows that political Pakistan cannot afford it and intervention is useless because it has well passed the menopause stage. The proposed electives have little standing in their community but will win overwhelmingly to prove a point. “Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” (George Gordon Byron)
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Jani Walker Jun 08, 2023 07:25pm
One more saviour of the nation or better one more set of looters joining the scavenging of the carcass of the country.
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Parvez Jun 08, 2023 08:17pm
If a steak is to taste good the meat must be of top quality and the chef must know, from long experience, how to cook it. In this case the meat is of poor quality and the chef ( who in this restaurant changes every few years ) is new and trying his hand at making a steak. The end result is predictable.
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Love Your Country Jun 08, 2023 08:58pm
@Rizwan, on the ladder of corruption or bad governance, politicians are No. 3 behind two other forces. So your comment is highly biased and ludicrous.
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KhanRA Jun 08, 2023 10:08pm
Another way to hide the Wizard behind the curtain
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KhanRA Jun 08, 2023 10:10pm
@Love Your Country , politicians are the ones who are corrupt and bad at government, so actually they are the root of all these problem. Politicians are the number 1 problem.
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Adnan Ahmed Jun 08, 2023 11:12pm
Allah apko apke maqsad main kamyabi ata kare Main b apki party ka hisa bnna chahta hn
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Tulukan Mairandi Jun 09, 2023 12:12am
He will crush Imran Niazi
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Mirz Jun 09, 2023 05:50am
Old wine in a new bottle!
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Mirz Jun 09, 2023 05:51am
@Tulukan Mairandi, he has al ready crushed all...
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Bilal Hussain Mughal Jun 14, 2023 06:42pm
Sir, I am from Islamabad. I interested Istehkam e Pakistan party. I am joining this party please join me
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