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While most people want to get their hands on the ravishing Samsung Galaxy S9, robbers found an easy way and steal numerous Galaxy S9 smartphones worth $1 million from an airport.

Three armed Brazilian robbers disguised as airport workers stole a huge shipment of Samsung Galaxy S9 phones worth $1 million (£700,00) from Rio de Janeiro’s Galeão International Airport, reported Brazilian Globo television on Wednesday.

Reports from Brazilian local media channels show that the theft took place last Sunday when the Galaxy S9 has been in pre-sales in the country since last month and were expected to be delivered to customers later this week.

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The CCTV footage posted by Rumble shows three armed robbers that were disguised as airport workers, wearing their uniforms and walked into the building, hiding their face from the camera and pointing at different boxes.

As per the news channels, the robbers stole around 1,000 units of the newly launched smartphone while threatening cargo terminal’s staff and locking up workers in a room and carrying on with the theft. The stolen shipment’s value has been estimated to be around $1 million. The report also suggested that the gang have been believed to hide the stolen shipment in the Mare, a huge, nearby Rio favela, or impoverished community.

Head of security for the Rio transport businesses’ union, Colonel Venancio Moura exclaimed, “The three criminals easily got into the cargo terminal and stole a million dollars’ worth of latest generation cellphones,” adding that they entered the warehouse where the smartphones had arrived just a day before.

Furthermore, police confirmed that they had initiated the incident but, no arrests have been made yet.

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