CASES 324,744 667
DEATHS 6,692 19

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has uploaded the Parliamentarians Directory for Tax Year 2018 after correction of computerized national identity card number (CNIC) and tax payment figure of Senator Faisal Javed.

The FBR has clarified the news regarding the tax paid by Senator Faisal Javed after issuance of Tax Directory for Tax Year 2018 by FBR. Senator Faisal Javed also approached FBR and informed that his CNIC and tax paid have been incorrectly mentioned in the Tax Directory. Upon verification from record, it has been found that CNIC and tax paid by the senator is correctly mentioned in the Tax Directory of all taxpayers for Tax Year 2018 at serial No. 499903, however Parliamentarians Directory contains incorrect details of his CNIC and tax payment.

The correct record shows tax of Rs 46,127 paid by him. The Parliamentarians Directory has also been updated after correction. FBR regrets the inconvenience caused to the Parliamentarian on this inadvertent mistake.

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