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PESHAWAR: A nominal decrease in prices of essential food commodities, except fruits, cow meat, mutton beef, sugar, cooking oil/ghee, and flour was witnessed in the retail market, according to a survey conducted by Business Recorder here on Sunday.

Live chicken prices have decreased at Rs261/- per kg which was selling at Rs276/- per kg in the previous week, whereas prices of a dozen of farm eggs have gone down at Rs160/- against Rs190/- per dozen.

However, the survey noticed that prices of fruits, which is staple food and its demand increased in Ramazan, remained sky-high in the local market.

Price of different varieties and quality of dates has decreased in the local market, as available within range of Rs300/- against the price of Rs400-500/- and Rs600/- per kg against the price of Rs800-1000/- per KG the survey added.

Similarly, rates of different brands of beverages and tomato ketchup also remained unchanged in the local market.

According to the survey, a dozen of bananas are being sold at Rs180-200/- while apples were available at Rs180-200/- and Rs250/- per kg. Similarly, it added that the guava price has beyond purchasing power of common man as available at Rs200-250/- per kg.

Melon is being sold at Rs60/- per kg, watermelon at Rs60 per kg, cold-storage orange/kinnow was available at Rs200/- per dozen, peach was being sold at Rs150-160/- per KG and Rs200/- per kg. A new green colored mango is being sold at Rs120-150/- per kg, the survey noticed.

Buyers have complained that the butchers are continuously charging them with exorbitant rates of cow and buffalo meat in the local market. According to the survey, without bone cow meat is being sold at Rs600-650/- per kg while with bone cow meat was available at Rs500-550/- per kg, against the official fixed rate of Rs370-400/- per kg. Likewise, the survey revealed that prices of mutton beef have surged up in the local market as available at Rs1200-1350/- and Rs1400/- per kg.

Sugar price remained unchanged in the local market, as available at Rs100/- per kg, whereas long queues were witnessed outside utility stores in the city wherein sugar is being sold at Rs68/- per kg as subsidized rate, according to the survey.

From Rs10 to 20/- per kg increase in all brands of edible oil and ghee was witnessed in the local market, as available within range of Rs250-260/- per KG/litre, and Rs280-300 and Rs310 per KG/litre, it was revealed by the survey.

It was noticed that flour price has remained high-side as a 20-KG fine flour bag was being sold at Rs1300-1350 while mixed flour 20KG bag is being available at Rs1200-1250 in the local market.

A downward trend in vegetable prices was witnessed, according to the survey. Price of red-potato has been reduced at Rs50 per kg which was selling at Rs60 per kg in the previous week.

Similarly, a one-kilogram ginger is being sold at Rs400/- per kg against the price of Rs420/- per kg in the last week. Garlic was being sold at Rs100-120/- per kg against the price of Rs150/- per kg. Lemon is being sold at Rs120/- per kg whereas green chili is being sold at Rs120-140/- per kg.

Onion was available at Rs50-60/- per kg. Tomatoes are being sold at Rs60/- per kg against the Rs80 per in the previous week. Cucumber was being sold at Rs40/- per kg.

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