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“The entire Pakistani nation thanks South Africa.”

“Don’t be sarcastic, I mean it’s not as if the South Africans made the Covid19 variant in a lab, granted that Trump accused the Chinese of…..”

“Right that reminds me boring is back – Biden doesn’t make good copy while Trump, even while he is brooding in Mar-a-Lago with the Trump clan….”

“Agreed and don’t forget in spite of record wins the popularity of other non-boring leaders is way down – take Boris Johnson and Macron….”

“One question: do you reckon The Khan is boring?”

“The Khan is anything but boring.”

“So who, in your book, is boring?”

“Not Zardari sahib, somehow he remains newsworthy for all the wrong reasons, though Nawaz Sharif as a prime minister was extremely boring though he is kind of being nudged by Maryam to be less boring – sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn’t, sometimes he is silenced by the leadership of the PDM and sometimes not….”

“Is Maryam boring?”

“Nope but Shahbaz Sharif is and let’s be honest his offspring Hamza can be too.”

“So one must not be boring when in opposition, but in government boring is good.”

“Hmmm…anyway when I said the Pakistani nation must thank the South Africans I wasn’t referring to their contribution to the Covid-19 variant but to the cricket team that is currently in Pakistan….”

“Well terror attacks have come down dramatically and…”

“Yes but I reckon we, the Pakistani nation, needed some good news. Now our team, as you are aware has performed extremely poorly in the New Pakistan and as we are a nation of cricket lovers - cricket is one of the few if not the only subject that the entire Pakistani nation is on one page…”

“Hey back off with your one page.”

“But in cricket you could be a Taliban but still support the Pakistani team.”

“That’s probably true but anyway we must thank the South Africans for not sending their A team, it allowed us to win some and boost national pride and morale and…”

“For your information we may still lose the test match….”

“The laws of hospitality demand….”

“No sir it is the laws of playing bad cricket!”

“Or the other team simply being better!”

“Are you implying Maryam Aurengzeb is far more believable than The Khan’s special assistants put together, all 15 plus of them?”

“Stay on the same page my friend, I was talking cricket.”

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