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“I would like to raise one point.”

“If it’s in reference to Maryam Nawaz chairing the meeting of PML-N parliamentarians then let me remind you that daddy is not a parliamentarian either and his decisions rule in spite of the court decisions and…and ….wait also she has experience in chairing meetings with ministers, federal ministers, present, though not Punjab ministers, when daddy was the Prime Minister but….”

“Are you being facetious?”

“No I just want to say that as long as the real head of the party issues instructions through her to be delivered to those who were elected on his ticket it’s OK, besides don’t forget that the instructions she was told to issue were against what she had been proposing with her new best friend The Maulana.”

“Right so in reality Zardari ruled.”

“And as I keep saying Zardari sahib and the Sharifs have enough cash in their personal accounts to lure parliamentarians to dump The Khan and the Buzz – I reckon they need to lure only 7 or 8 from the centre and an equal number in Punjab and…”

“But the Sharifs sacrifice would be much greater than Zardari sahib’s as they would have to use their personal accounts for the purpose while Zardari sahib may not have to and…”

“But after the fall of The Khan it could be same o same o because I don’t think The Khan has been able to make irrevocable changes.”

“True but a life time expectation or shall I say a life time approach to politics aint easy to change besides if they can get the Chaudharys on their side…”

“The Khan has promised them one senate seat.”

“Who said the Chaudharys exact a heavy price for their loyalty! And that seat is not for Moonis Elahi cause The Khan doesn’t like his looks.”

”Maybe if Moonis uses coloured contacts…”

“Don’t be facetious anyway if the Chaudharys come they would want chief minister-ship of Punjab and the Prime Minister-ship and the Father and the Daughter aint gonna like that while Zardari sahib keeps Sindh.”

“What about the Holy Ghost?”

“Incommunicado these days anyway you diverted my attention, the point I wanted to highlight was that while the PML-N was gathering around the First Daughter two anti-government protests were ongoing – the teachers and the PIMS hospital staff…”


“So irrespective of what the Pakistan Democratic Movement says The Khan’s economic policies have not strengthened their hand though it may have weakened The Khan’s in an election”.


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