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KARACHI: Federal Law Minister Farogh Naseem on Saturday said that corrupt political leadership can’t be accepted as it pushed the country into present crisis.

He said that state institutions are our pride and if Pakistan is to move forward, we should not cross the redlines in the larger national interests.

The Law Minister was speaking at 5th National Judicial Conference. He said that if there is any allegation on anyone, he should provide the money trail.

“Why don’t you give the money trail,” Naseem remarked in an apparent reference to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif speech in which he said that conspiracy was hatched to oust him from power.

Law Minister said that all decisions were made by superior judiciary and when the decision was given, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government was in the centre.

He said that present government has the sole agenda to ensure rule of law in the country and is striving to work in a transparent way.

He said that prime minister has no intention to fabricate cases against anyone and added that neither Prime Minister nor the Army Chief stopped anyone to give money trail.

He said that if we didn’t respect judiciary and state institutions, it would not serve any purpose and added that Pakistani people have rejected the narrative of opposition.

Law Minister said that proceedings against Justice Shaukat Siddiqui were not made by Imran khan but it was the decision of Supreme Judicial Council.

Law Minister said that there was unwarranted criticism against the judiciary in Pakistan. He said that only someone who does not know will criticise judiciary or he will deliberately say such things.

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