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Nawaz criticises govt, says Shehbaz Sharif is serving jail for crimes he has not committed

  • Former PM says PML-N had won majority of the seats in 2018 elections but the RTS system was forced to cease operation while the results were being announced
Updated 01 Oct 2020

(Karachi) Former premier and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Nawaz Sharif has criticized the government, saying party president Shehbaz Sharif is serving jail for the crimes he has never committed.

Addressing the Central Working Committee meeting on Thursday, Nawaz said: "I feel sad when I look at the situation our country is passing through." He added that the PML-N has witnessed tough times in the last two-and -a-half years.

"During the tenure of PML-N government, the country was heading towards prosperity and the whole world acknowledged its success." Nawaz said that he and his team were taking the country to new levels of success but some elements decided to derail the process.

"I have come out to save the country from the clutches of the present regime. My war is not with Imran Khan but with those who brought him into the power," he said.

Govt criticised for inflation, joblessness

He said that the present government has failed in all sectors and ensure provision of basic facilities to the people. "Poor people are unable to afford food and send their children to school. Is this what the 'state of Madina' looks like?" he said, alleging that the PTI government had failed to fulfil its "tall promises".

The PML-N supremo said there is joblessness and inflation in the country which has badly affected the people. "They are dying of hunger while those without jobs are committing suicides. Is this the new Pakistan?" he asked.

He said that even after years in power, the PTI government has failed to start the Peshawar BRT project. "The money used for this project is equivalent to the money we spent on three of our BRT projects in Punjab."

The PML-N leader pointed out that during his government, the economic growth rate in the country was at 5.8%. "Right now, the growth rate is negative," he said, adding that there is a huge difference in the tenures of both governments. "Not just the economy, but also the law and order situation of the country was under control when the PML-N government was in power," Nawaz said, pointing out that today the residents feel unsafe and unhappy.

He said, "No one is safe in the country, not even women. Everyone knows what happened on link road a few days ago." The people have become fed up with the present rulers and they want change in the country, Nawaz said.

Elections rigged, mandate stolen

Referring to 2018 general elections, Nawaz Sharif said that the polls were rigged and the PML-N's mandate was stolen. He pointed out that the nation will never accept the results of the rigged election.

The PML-N leader highlighted that Result Transmission System (RTS) was funded to rig elections. He claimed that PML-N had won majority of the seats in 2018 elections but the RTS system was forced to cease operation while the results were being announced.

"Your mandate has been stolen but we cannot sit quietly and watch this lawlessness," he told the meeting. "I don't care about anything now. This system cannot continue anymore," he remarked.

He said that it is a grave crime to steal peoples' mandate and those in power today will have to answer for their misconducts.

I will not remain silent

The former premier said that he will not remain silent and will reveal the wrongdoings of the Imran-led government. "Imran Khan is responsible for the current crisis in the country. He has failed to improve the economy and take the state on the path of progress.

"Imran is a dummy. The real perpetrators are those who facilitated him in the election process." He said, "It was a pre-planned script to dismiss me from the government."

We are not blind or deaf

"We are not blind or deaf nor have we lost our consciences," the former prime minister said. "I can't turn my face from my country. I have been the prime minister of the country thrice but you saw the comments the court passed against me yesterday [Wednesday]."

"Is this justice, Nawaz questioned. "They straight away took Shehbaz Sharif to jail without even hearing him out," he said.

I have great respect for armed forces

Praising the role of armed forces, the PML-N leader said that he has great respect for the Armed Forces of Pakistan. "I salute the Pak Army for role and sacrifices they rendered for the country."

Nawaz stated that he is against those in uniform who hatch conspiracies to overthrow a democratic government. "If I am given another chance, I will continue to serve the country and the armed forces as I did before," he said.