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ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet has approved amendments in Services Rules of Pakistan Tobacco Board (PTB) with a view to rectifying anomalies in recruitment and promotion matters.

The rules framed by the Ministry of National Food Security and Research and cleared by the Cabinet Committee on disposal of Legislative Cases (CCLC), were recently ratified by the federal cabinet.

Pakistan Tobacco Board (PTB) was established under the Pakistan Tobacco Board Ordinance, 1968 mainly to regulate, control and promote the export of tobacco, tobacco products, undertake research in tobacco and develop new tobacco growing areas.

The CCLC was also informed that PTB Service Rules, 1 985 were framed under S.R.O. 322(1) 85 and section 30 of the Pakistan Tobacco Board Ordinance, 1968. Rule 12 of PTB Services Rules provided recruitment criteria for initial appointment to various posts and schedule -I of PTB Service Rules, 1985 define the quota for initial appointment or promotion to a particular post.

The committee was further informed that over a period of time, a few anomalies have been observed in Rule 12 and Schedule-I of PTB Service Rules, 1985, which are as follows: (i) since the promulgation of PTB Service Rules, 1985, several posts have been created or upgraded in various grades with the approval of competent authority but rules for recruitment or promotion have not been formulated and approved for these posts so far. There is a need to frame recruitment and promotion rules for such posts. and (ii) in Schedule-I of the PTB Service Rules 1985, line of promotion has not been defined for various positions. It is not clear which group of officers is eligible for which particular position in higher scale. In order to rectify this anomaly, there is a need to define a clear path of promotion for all posts and make definitions a part of Schedule-I of PTB Service Rules, 1985.

It was apprised that in order to rectify such anomalies, the management of PTB proposed certain amendments in Rule 12 and Schedule-I of PTB Service Rules, 1985. These amendments were placed before Board of Directors (BoD) of Pakistan Tobacco Board in its meeting held on May 18, 2018 for approval. The Board approved the amendments, which were also confirmed in the meeting of the PTB's BoD, held on June 12, 2018.

It was also apprised that after approval of the BoD, the proposed amendments in Rule 12 and Scheduled of PTB Service Rules, 1985 were sent to Establishment Division for vetting. The Establishment Division vetted the amendments and a summary was submitted to Cabinet Division for placing before CCLC for its approval.

It was further noted that the Commerce Division conveyed the observation of Cabinet Division that comments of Law and Justice Division may be obtained and appended with the proposal. Accordingly, the proposed amendments were sent to Law and Justice Division which has vetted the amendments.

The Committee was informed that existing provisions of Rules and the provisions as they would read after the proposed amendments, approved by Law and Justice Division were also provided in the proposal. As per Section 30 of PTB Ordinance 1968, the Federal Government is empowered to make rules by notification in the official gazette for carrying out the purpose of the PTB Ordinance.

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