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HYDETRABAD: The hours-long power outages mad the lives of citizens of Hyderabad miserable. The MQM-P representatives and members of civil society irked with the unscheduled hours-long loadsheding of electricity and issuance of exaggerated bills to the consumers observed token hunger strike outside the Press Club Hyderabad today.

They staged a protest demonstration against HESCO over unprecedented long power outages in such a hot weather. They chanted slogans against HESCO. The protesters informed that the corrupt officers and meter readers of Hesco compelled consumers for electricity theft, "if we refused their (meter readers) deal for giving monthly amount to them and get the license of electricity theft, we were sent exaggerated bills by the Hesco," said a bearded man. The protesters asked question that how salaried officers and officials particularly meter readers could become millionaires. The protesters demanded the agencies to probe into their assets.

MQM Pakistan leader Khawaja Izharul Hassan termed the Hesco officers and officials as thieves. He said Hesco officers and officials were not following the orders of Federal Minister Umer Ayoub. He said Umer Ayoub had to put the Hesco on its right track or we (MQM Pakistan) would do this job.

MNA Salahuddin speaking at the occasion said despite of hours-long loadshedding, the Hesco was issuing exorbitant bills to consumers, which could not be tolerated anymore. The MNA Engr Sabir Qaimkhani, MPAs Rashid Khilji, Nadeem Siddiqui, Nasir Qureshi were also condemned the Hesco authority for adding to miseries of the people.

They demanded the federal government to remove corrupt and incapable officials of Hesco and post honest and dedicated officers to provide relief to the citizens. The protesters wowed to besiege the Hesco chief office if the issues of power outages and exaggerated bills are not resolved immediately.

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