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DEATHS 6,659 5

Ali Khizar


Cotton: crop of yesterday?

The declining trend of cotton production in Pakistan continues. Early estimates suggest that cotton production would...
Published 18 Oct, 2020 02:49am

Dealing with KE

K-Electric has lately been in the news, but not for all the good reasons. Load-shedding this summer and power outage...
Published 04 Oct, 2020 02:47am

Diplomacy: economy first

Last week, the PM decided to constitute an 'Economic Outreach Apex Committee' headed by Dr Moeed Yousaf. This could...
Updated 27 Sep, 2020 02:56am
Goodbye to easing

Goodbye to easing

Policy rate remains unchanged. Between the lines, SBP has communicated that the easing cycle is over. Earlier, signs...
Updated 22 Sep, 2020 03:12am

GDP rebasing: fix PBS first

ARTICLE: Key macroeconomic ratios - debt, fiscal and current account are measured in terms of nominal GDP and feed...
Updated 13 Sep, 2020 02:57am

Free the energy market

ARTICLE: Development of a competitive energy market is imperative to solve the circular debt puzzle and to bring ...
Published 06 Sep, 2020 02:18am

For the love of Karachi

ARTICLE: Karachi is prestigiously part of the world top 10-12 cities club, in terms of population. In terms of...
Updated 30 Aug, 2020 05:21pm

Defusing the pension bomb

ARTICLE: Tick tock tick. That is the sound that the consolidated budget position of any growing expenditure element...
Updated 23 Aug, 2020 10:11am

Early signs of recovery

ARTICLE: Many economists and analysts have claimed gloom and doom in the aftermath of Covid-19 and exchange rate...
Published 19 Jul, 2020 02:41am

Housing thrust - the long mile

Construction of 100,000 five marla (125 sq. yard) houses in one year can create 200,000 direct jobs for masons, carpenters, and plumbers, etc.
Updated 12 Jul, 2020 12:08pm

CAA: stay home, stay safe?

PIA's journey from 'great people to fly with' to 'sadly no one wishes to fly with', is a five-decade story....
Updated 05 Jul, 2020 05:19pm
SBP must take a pause

SBP must take a pause

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is now becoming predicable in its surprises. Right after the announcement of IMF ...
Published 26 Jun, 2020 03:34am