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Jun 01, 2020 PRINT EDITION

Few days back, Humaima Malik shared about her past 'abusive' relationships, marriage and 'domestic violence' she silently endured for years, after which her ex-husband Shamoon Abbasi has now spoken up about their marriage.

Without naming anyone, Humaima wrote on her Instagram stories about the 'pain filled days and nights which still haunt her'. “I’m ashamed of myself today that I didn’t do anything for myself in three years of abusive marriage, seven years of another abusive relationship and then it happened again,” she wrote.

Speaking about his ex-wife and now 'good friend', Shamoon, in his long Facebook post, said that Humaima was his wife not a girlfriend. She was in his nikah, so he always respected her and her family and had great moments with her.

Humaima Malik speaks up about her past abusive relationships

He said that this confusion is really concerning because it has been more than five years since they parted ways. "Yes every couple have their own views about how to work and make a name and money in the process..May be we didn't agree on few points and argued a few times.. But it doesn't mean we ever wanted to hurt each other to that extend," he added.

Shamoon further said they both parted ways on a good note, adding that he always hoped she gets married to the person that is better for her. “I was only married to her for three years! but her other relationships may had a different scenario than mine, I have no clue but I am happy to say that we still talk to each other,” he wrote.

He also requested his fans to refrain from commenting anything against her. “This is based on friendly approach not a social media fight or comparison,” he said.

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