Experts set to discuss Pakistan's supply-chain challenges

  • Topics for discussion include challenges brands face, evolving consumer behaviour, and industry trends
Updated 21 Oct, 2022 07:56pm


An efficient supply chain makes the world go faster and smoother. The past few years have clearly brought this fact back under the spotlight.

Supply chain discussions have now become a key feature in every boardroom. The right supply-chain decisions can do wonders in enhancing an organisation's bottom line and creating synergies amongst suppliers, consumers and businesses. Moreover, an effective supply-chain process can add real value to a country’s trade and economic growth.

Currently, Pakistan faces a number of challenges on the economic front. Its low foreign exchange reserves have hindered the inward supply of some commodities with the government focused on essentials to keep the current account deficit number within the required range. Devastating floods added to economic woes, and required agility on the part of all businesses to supply foods, medicines, tents along with other essentials as rescue efforts remained under way. Along with high inflation already burdening masses, it is up to lean business operations to help the government tackle economic challenges.

Amid this backdrop, Business Recorder has partnered with Maersk to arrange a panel of experts to talk about supply chain, and how Pakistan can tackle operational issues moving forward.

The roundtable will take place on October 27, 2022, and starts at 3pm at the Mövenpick Hotel, Karachi.

Topics for FMCG Round Table Discussion

  • Pakistan’s FMCG sector — evolution in the last few years

  • Growth journey of FMCG companies over the past few years

  • Challenges brands face, evolving consumer behaviour, and industry trends

  • The importance of logistics and supply chain to fulfil business aspirations and success

  • Your take on re-looking at current logistics and supply chain models

  • How integrated logistics works towards the health of their cost centre addressing both tangible and intangible costs?

  • Digitisation in logistics and the future

  • The importance of sustainability for the industry and your business and its impact on your business, supply chain, and logistics decisions

  • What is the future looking like for FMCG?




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Muhammad Yousuf Qassim Oct 22, 2022 01:59pm
Dear Concern I feel it is great opportunity to interact with experts of SCM. Can I participate in this roundtable. Muhammad Yousuf Qassim Cell No. 03352104350
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