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UK sustains its reputation as a world leader in wind technology by installing the planet’s biggest and most power wind turbines.

The wind turbines have started functioning in Liverpool generating electricity off the coast.

32 turbines have been installed in Liverpool Bay by Danish company Dong Energy, which claims them to be taller than the Gherkin skyscraper (180m), with blades longer than nine London buses, according to The Guardian.

What make this project incredible are height and energy capacity of tribunes, 195m-tall and 8MW tribunes have been used commercially for the first time in the world, which the company hailed as a “very important milestone” for the sector.

UK has cemented its position as the global leader in this technology by installing more offshore wind power than any other country in the world thus generating enough electricity to power 4.3m homes. Eight further projects already under construction will add more than half that capacity again.

The company, Dong is pitching the target of constructing tribunes as powerful as 13MW or 15MW.

While the UK benefits from the power from those wind-farms, the industry has been criticized in the past for not ensuring enough parts are made in Britain. Dong does not put a figure on what percentage of the project is UK built but half the blades and top of the foundation are made in the country.

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