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The US space agency, ‘NASA’ has historically aided in the discovery of many an intriguing substances and done useful tests for the furthering of the scientific cause with ‘Ferrofluid’ or ‘rocket fuel’ being one of them.

Ferrofluid, the magnetic liquid was initially created to be rocket fuel, but it never saw the light of day when it came to industrial use due to various complications.

Nonetheless, for the majority, this may have been good news as this led to the creation of the Inspiration ‘Ferrofluid Motion Lamp’ by’ Inspired Designs’.

According to TechDig, the design is quite unique in the sense that the biggest problem with motion lamps is that they never seem to be stable enough.

The shape is usually of the most pivotal importance of such lamps and designers often forfeit balance with some top-heavy designs.

Inspired Designs however did it differently. They designed their base in a robust and sturdy fashion to ensure maximum balance of the structure while in the meantime giving their product that much-needed edge.

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