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The ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ actor gave back his Oscar Statuette to the US government amid a money laundering investigation on a state owned Malaysian investment fund. Dicaprio has been dragged in the matter after he received some gifts including this Oscar statuette from the accused party.

The Hollywood mega star was presented a Marlon Brando’s best actor Oscar statuette alongside some expensive and valued artifacts as his 38th birthday gift in 2012 from some business acquaintances at the Red Granite Pictures that also invested in his movie ‘Wolf of Wall Street.’

The company is said to be involved in a USD 3.5 billion money laundering case, the US Department of Justice is investigating Red-Granite co-founder Riza Aziz for helping his father and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razab in embezzling USD 4.5 billion from political development scheme, Los Angeles Times reported.

It is also said the money funded by the accused company was used in portraying the lavish lifestyle of ‘Jordan Beltford’ in the Martin Scorsese movie. According to the Oscar winner’s spokesperson, Leonardo received all the gifts with the intention of auctioning them and raising money for his charitable foundation. The spokesperson further said that he has returned everything to the authorities after the scandal broke out.

The millions worth gifts included artworks like a Picasso painting, a photograph by Diane Arbus and a Jean- Michel Basquiat collage.

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