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Renault-formula-1-1024.Renault, the French multinational automobile manufacturer, has unveiled its Formula 1 concept car that could be realise in 10 years' time – with it adamant that the sport should have a greater focus on drivers.

As per details, the car manufacturer unveiled the concept R.S. 2027 – a 600kg closed-cockpit car that produces 1340hp to deliver a power-to-weight ratio never seen before in the sport – at Shanghai motorshow.

A four-wheel drive car, with four-wheel steering, it would be powered by a small internal combustion engine, but will be boosted by larger battery systems that are almost five times as powerful as those currently used in F1.

The manufacturer believes that, despite road car technology being set to advance greatly in the next few years, it is important that F1 remains about the driver.

That is why, even with a closed-cockpit design, drivers would race in a transparent cockpit with a transparent helmet so fans can observe them in action. The R.S. 2027 would feature active LED lighting to boost its aesthetics, as well as moveable aerodynamic parts such an active wings.

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