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Making a big decision, attending a social event, going for an interview or preparing yourself for a casual date may induce oneself with anxiety and stress; these can be fleeting or may just become resiliently persistent.

Many people in the world suffer from long term stress, anxiety and depression with no apparent cause, dealing with a disease or feelings that cant be expressed or defined is on its own is a very difficult task. As medicine and science progresses many diseases have found its relievers in more and more simpler forms.

In recent times researchers have found why monkeys love their bananas because it might be helping them with their anxiety, stress and depression

Banana are found to have a high level of beta adrenergic blockers, these blockers are helpful in lowering the blood pressure. Adrenaline is the main cause of anxiety and high blood pressure and these beta blockers prevents their attachment hence helping lower blood pressure and combating anxiety. Bananas also have tryptophan which a protein that can be converted into serotonin that calms the nervous system by providing high levels of vitamin B.

Many believe that eating a banana a few hours before any nerve wrecking situation, any stressful encounter can lower your anxiety soothe your nerves and aid you to a calmer life and less stressful person.

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