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xxx2KARACHI: The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), made a declaration to stand alongside the families of the victims of the Abbas Town tragedy and as a humanitarian gesture, has announced the exemption of their outstanding arrears electricity bill payment and has also decided to grant a waiver on electricity bill payment for the next six months.


A KESC statement on Tuesday said that the company has taken this decision purely on compassionate grounds after the tragic deaths in the Sunday blasts at Iqra City Apartment and Rabia Flower Apartment in Abbas Town, Karachi.


KESC stated that it would seek the assistance and coordination of the civic and voluntary agencies to arrive at a list of the affected families.


All outstanding arrears and next six month's power bills of these families would be paid by KESC as a gesture of support. Also, to share their burden in their moment of grief, KESC will not be sending any power bills for the next six months.


KESC has provided this modest relief to the aggrieved families in their time of sorrow under its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative at a time when most of the families have lost their bread earners.


As a responsible corporate citizen, it was under a similar initiative that KESC had waived outstanding arrears and six months electricity bills of victims families of the Baldia Factory inferno last September.


KESC reiterated its pledge to continue playing a significant role in the lives of the City's population; its esteemed customers, the statement added.


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