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budget at a glanceISLAMABAD: Following is the National Budget for fiscal year 2011-12 at a glance, presented by Federal Minister for Finance, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh at National Assembly Friday:









(Rs in Billion)


Receipts Expenditure


Tax Revenue* 2,074    A. Current 2,315

Non-Tax Revenue 658 Interest Payments   791


a) Gross Revenue Receipts 2,732 Repayment of Foreign Loans 243

b) Less Provincial Share 1,203 Pension                           96


I. Net Revenue Receipts (a-b)                                     1,529

Defence Affairs and Services                       495


II. Net Capital Receipt 396 Grants and Transfers 295

III. External Receipts 414 Subsidies 166

IV. Estimated Provincial 125 Running of Civil Government 203

Surplus Provision for Pay and Pension                      25

V. Bank Barroriwng 304 B. DEVELOPMENT 452

Federal PSDP 300

Development loans and grants to provinces 55

Other Dev. Expenditures  97



( I to V)




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