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The Torero
Sports Feature, first prize singles


A bull attacks a matador Cesar Rincon's horse during a corrida at La Macarena bullring. Picadors mounted on horses play a role early on in a bullfight, stabbing the bull with lances to weaken it through loss of blood before its final confrontation with the 'torero'. The bull weighed around 500kg. The horse received a blow to one of its legs, but was not gored and was taken from the ring.

Commissioned by: El Colombiano

 Photo Credit: Henry Agudelo

Reporter Graphic for 33 years. He worked for El Mundo newspaper (Medellin), El Tiempo newspaper (Bogota) and was a correspondent for Reuters for two years.

Currently works in the newspaper El Colombiano (Medellin) as a Photographer.

He lectures on photojournalism at a national level in academic and university institutions, and teaches the Graphic Reporter Diploma of the Yurupary Cultural Academy

He has published pictures in various media, magazines, books and periodicals: photoprensa books published by the newspaper El Mundo and books published by El Tiempo (1994 to 1999); Photo Sports in France (1989), Photo Best in Switzerland (1990 and 1998), Photo Humor in Holland (1994 and 1996), Gamma Agencies, El Pais de Espana, Recista Semana, Cambio 16 de Espana, Miami Herald and The Telegraph de London. His most important publication has been the WORLD PRESS PHOTO.

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